Communication – The 3 Golden Rules

By Kelly Potter, PWCA, Account Executive, Cavignac & Associates
Kelly Weaver - resized Poor communication is a leading factor in claims against design professionals. The failure to effectively communicate within a firm, and between a firm and its clients, consultants and others, can result in more than inefficiencies, mistakes and missed opportunities. It can also significantly impact the financial health of your business.Pages could be written on effective communicate and how to establish communication protocols within an organization, however at very minimum, every firm should follow these three simple (golden) rules:

  1. If it is even remotely important, it needs to be documented in writing. If it is not in writing… it did not happen.
  2. Never put anything in writing you would not want others to see or you would not discuss if the person was standing right next to you. Nothing is confidential, and everything is discoverable.
  3. Before you hit “send”, re-read the email, run a spell/grammar check and double-check to be sure the addressee is the one to whom who you want the email sent.

Clear communication is a vital key to a successful business and effective communication should be a core competency of every firm.