Coronavirus – Client Update

Cavignac & Associates continues to monitor the developments pertaining to the Coronavirus. While our office is open today, our staff has the option of working from home and fortunately everyone can. Beginning on Wednesday of this week we are asking all of our staff to work remotely.

We have ensured that there will be no disruption in our service to you. All of our employees are fully equipped to work from home. Our IT infrastructure is backed up, in the cloud, and secured. All of our phone lines will work as you are used to. If an employee is not physically in the office, calls will be forwarded to their cell phones.

Our priority is the health of our employees while at the same time continuing to deliver the quality of service and expertise that our clients require.

These are unprecedented times, and all of us are navigating in unchartered waters. We welcome any questions you may have. We appreciate your business and wish you, your families and co-workers good health.