Coronavirus: What Employers Should Know

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having a major impact on the workplace. We want to share with you some general guidelines in the event your employee has symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19. Although, our current state is new territory for all, there are still regulations and compliance requirements applicable to your business.

On Wednesday, April 1, Cavignac & Associates partnered with Robert Wilson III, a Partner at Fisher Phillips in San Diego, to bring our clients a webinar to review some of this information. Topics that were reviewed during the webinar were:

  • New Leave benefits under Coronavirus Response Act
  • How to address work from home policies for counties that are under “Shelter in Place”
  • Employers exempt from “Shelter in Place order,” tips on monitoring health of employees (i.e. Temperature taking, notification of an infected employee, etc.) while still adhering to discrimination and privacy laws
  • Things to consider with temporary or permanent layoffs.

If you were unable to make the webinar in-person, a recording can be found here. You can follow along with the PowerPoint. All handouts, templates, and forms mentioned are available through Fisher Phillips on either a complimentary basis or a fee basis. If you are interested in these aforementioned resources, please contact us.