Guide for Employers Resuming Operations & Responding to Coronavirus in the Workplace

The state of California and the country as a whole are preparing for businesses to resume physical operations as we move into Phase 2 of the of the plan to reopen post-Coronavirus. While different businesses will reopen at different stages of this process, all companies will need to understand the requirements to reopen and have in place a plan to prevent infection, respond to positive cases, and provide employees with information regarding their rights and responsibilities. Cavignac & Associates has compiled a comprehensive guide for employers on resuming operations and responding to Coronavirus in the workplace. This guide is comprised of information from reliable sources such as federal, state, and local governments, trusted HR and safety platforms and our own internal experts. While the situation is changing rapidly and no guide can be exhaustive, we think it will prove a valuable resource for our clients as they move through the reopening process. As always, we recommend you seek the guidance of counsel before making any business decisions.