Returning to Business – Navigating a Safe and Compliant Reopening Webinar

The Coronavirus pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on businesses in the US and around the globe. Companies have needed to respond to circumstances they’ve never dealt with before. Now, as businesses reopen their offices and workplaces, employers have many questions regarding their responsibility to prepare their workplaces for the safe return of employees.

Cavignac & Associates partnered with Employment Labor Attorneys Iris Kristoff and Bradley Lebow from Dunn, DeSantis, Walt & Kendrick LLP on Tuesday, June 9th to present an informative webinar answering the many questions on employers’ minds regarding Safe Reopening compliance. Topics included required employee communication and education, temperature checks, safety protocols,  responding to employees with positive tests, worker’s compensation claims, calling back furlough or laid-off workers, and PPP loan forgiveness. Our presenters also addressed HR compliance considerations such as wage and hour, employee privacy, teleworking, reasonable accommodations, policy updates.

Due to technical difficulties, the live presentation ended prior to the Q&A portion of the webinar. Because of this, we have recorded Part 2 of the webinar to answer your specific questions and have included it here for you to review.

As a result of the webinar, the following resources are also available:

Health screening application reference – emocha Health
Dunn DeSantis Walt and Kendrick LLP COVID-19 and PPP Loan Resource Page