Jeffrey W. Cavignac, CPCU, ARM, RPLU, CRIS, MLIS


Jeff Cavignac grew up in San Diego and attended Patrick Henry High School.  In 1980 he graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) with a Bachelor of Science degree in economics.

Cavignac’s introduction to the insurance industry was as a trainee at Lloyds of London.  Upon returning to San Diego, he was hired by Industrial Indemnity Company as a casualty (liability) underwriter.  During his three years at Industrial Indemnity, Cavignac realized that insurance was the right career choice.  He proceeded to attain his Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) designation.

In 1983 Cavignac switched from underwriting to brokerage and joined the firm of Robson Cavignac at which his father was a partner.  “I was one of the fortunate few individuals who went to work for a parent and had a positive working relationship,” said Cavignac.  “My father, Frank, was an exceptional mentor who rarely dictated what I should do.  He led by example and was always available when I had questions.  To this day, he is one of the best insurance professionals I have had an opportunity to work with.”

In 1987 the firm was sold to the Lawrence Group.  Cavignac continued to work at the firm another five years but found that, too often, he was not on the same page with the new owners.  In 1992 he resigned and started Cavignac & Associates.

Since then Cavignac & Associates has grown from a one-man start-up to a 45-person risk management and insurance brokerage firm.  The company’s focus on risk management is what sets it apart from its competitors.  Cavignac points out, “We realized early on that our clients spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a product they hope to never use.  If we wanted to help our clients, we needed to work with them to lower the frequency and severity of the claims that drive those costs.  We created the TotalRISK Approach, which is a risk management program designed to do exactly that.”

Today Cavignac serves as the Managing Principal of Cavignac & Associates.  He also acts as the agency’s Sales Manager and manages his own book of business.  In addition to managing risk and negotiating insurance, Cavignac enjoys traveling with his wife, Cindy, riding his bike, exercising and reading.  Cavignac is also proud of his three adult-age children, Blake, Preston and Berkeley.