Corporate Contributions

One of the objectives underlying our Mission Statement is to be an “effective corporate citizen. ” We donate not only our money but also our time to support worthy organizations that we think need and deserve our help. About 5% of our profits is spent on donations and sponsorships.

Some of the organizations we have supported

Downtown San Diego Partnership Senior Coummunity Centers of San Diego 
LEAD San Diego Thursday Club/Food Bank 
MADCAPS  San Diego Center for Children


Employee Charitable Fund

We established the Cavignac & Associates Charitable Fund in 2000 to provide a vehicle for our staff to contribute their money to good causes. We set up a special bank account and arranged with our payroll provider to have money automatically deducted each payday. All employees participate, and we are successful in raising thousands of dollars every year to contribute to the worthwhile organizations we support. During the course of the year a committee of employees decides where our contributions will do the most good. In general we don’t just donate cash but also focus on things people can use, such as blankets for the homeless, care packages for our troops overseas, and holiday gift cards for teenagers. For several years we have adopted families for the holidays.

Underlying Principles

  • We support tax deductible 501(c)3 organizations.
  • We help the under-served population of San Diego, including seniors, children and teenagers, the homeless, veterans and military families.
  • Our focus is on programs that are under-funded and not well sponsored.
  • We encourage participation by all employees in the Charity fund.

Some of the charities we have supported

Alpha Project San Diego Junior Theatre
Fisher House San Diego Youth Services
Jane’s Room SAY San Diego
Monarch School Senior Community Centers of San Diego
Operation Caregiver Veterans Village
Polinsky Childrens Center voices-for-children-new-logoVoices for Children