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Insurance companies are in business to pay claims, and most do an excellent job. We take an active role in helping our clients lower the frequency and severity of claims through Risk Control, which we break into three areas:

  • Human Resources
  • Safety
  • Claims Management

We have experts on staff in each of these areas and provide a range of services designed to help our clients manage their risk. Once a claim happens, we proactively help clients to manage claims by providing guidance and support, and by monitoring the claims process. If, however, at any time during the claim process you have questions, become frustrated or have any comments, you should involve us. Our job is to make certain that your claims are handled correctly and efficiently.

On this page there are several documents that explain and help walk you through the claims process, and our risk control services. We welcome the chance to answer any additional questions that you might have.


Automobile liability insurance protects you from third party claims arising out of the use of a covered auto. Automobile physical damage insurance covers you for the cost to repair your auto if it is damaged by collision, other perils, or if it is stolen.

All auto-related incidents should be reported to us promptly. We recommend that you complete our Auto Accident Report form. A copy of this form should be kept in every vehicle. Employees should be aware of this form and the importance of completing it in a timely manner.

Click HERE for a checklist of steps to take in the event of an auto accident. 

Helpful forms



Property insurance provides protection for you against losses arising out of damage to tangible property owned or managed by you as a result of fire, windstorm, hail, etc. (related to loss of income). All property accidents must be reported promptly. Prompt reporting will expedite claims.

Click HERE for a checklist of steps to take in the event of a property accident/damage.

Please use Cavignac & Associates’ Claim Notification Form to notify us.



Liability insurance protects you from your legal liability arising out of your operations that result in bodily injury or tangible property damage to a third party.

Report incidents immediately. All general liability accidents should be reported promptly, even if the affected party makes assurances that he/she is uninjured and will not take action. Prompt reporting of claims will expedite claims handling by giving the insuring company the authority to investigate while:

  • All information, evidence, and memories are fresh
  • Witnesses are more likely to be available
  • Physical surroundings are unchanged (to get accurate information, measurements, and photographs)
  • Expert assistance can be used to determine the cause

In the event you become aware of a circumstance that may give rise to a claim, it should be discussed with us as soon as possible. Do not delay reporting even if all information is not yet available. Additional information can be provided at a later date.

Click HERE for a checklist of what to do in the event of a liability claim.

Please use Cavignac & Associates’ Claim Notification Form to notify us.



Workers’ Compensation insurance provides medical treatment and lost wages to employees who are injured on the job. The state of California requires employers to report any injury that requires medical treatment beyond first aid or results in lost time from work within 5 days. However the more quickly companies respond to workplace injuries through investigation, providing medical treatment, and reporting to the insurance company, the greater the likelihood of a quick and cost effective claim resolution.

Click HERE for a checklist of steps to take in the event of a workers’ compensation claim.

Helpful forms

Report all serious injuries to the nearest CalOSHA office. A directory can be found at Follow the steps outlined in the Emergency Response Procedure.

Provide First Aid care onsite or through a clinic whenever possible. A list of onsite first aid providers can be found here in our Claim Reporting Phone Numbers list.

Provide modified duty to injured employees so they may recover on the job whenever possible.

If your injured employee must take a leave of absence to recover, stay in regular communication with them, Cavignac & Associates, and the claims adjuster. Regular communication with the parties will ensure everyone understands the process and agrees on the plan of action. This will increase the likelihood of a full recovery and positive claim resolution.