Employee Testimonials

The first five testimonials were anonymously written by our staff members within the last year.

A great team environment. The door is open to senior management to look for ways to do things better. They are great people who care deeply about their teammates.

At work I do not feel like I am just an employee. I feel like we are all part of a large extended family. I regularly interact with upper management and feel like they care about my wellbeing.  It is a great work environment – best I’ve had my whole career life.

The access each employee has to the partners/management makes this organization feel like a place where each person is valued. Opinions are listened to and acknowledged even if no changes are made. There is opportunity for advancement if you work hard and make your desire for advancement known. The organization will work hard to retain people who have made themselves valuable. We have a fun, close-knit environment and good benefits.

They (partners/management) are clear about where the organization is going (so the leadership is strong) and empower the employees to work together to achieve the goals. People are valued here. Also, the different departments collaborate; they are not isolated. Finally, the communication is strong yet balanced. We are informed about things that are relevant, but our time is respected and we are  not pulled into meaningless meetings.

This organization is supportive of ideas, is very welcoming and is inclusive. Their outlook is always in the best interest of their employees, and within the scope of work, in the best interest of the client. This gives our work a shared common goal and, in my opinion, makes it easier to achieve. The encouragement to participate in meetings, educational events, and employee events directly affects our attitudes and our overall wellbeing.


The following were written by four of our employees who have been with us the longest.

I have had the pleasure of working at Cavignac & Associates since 1997. In my insurance career I’ve had the opportunity to work at some of San Diego’s select insurance brokerages. Cavignac & Associates by far has exceeded my best expectations. The principals are professional and ethical, and follow through on their commitments to their clients, to the agency, and to its employees. At Cavignac & Associates, the employees are true team members. The level of professionalism, respect, and camaraderie still amazes me. We are encouraged to improve our knowledge, serve our community, be to the best we can be. All of this parlays into how we serve our clients. It is a privilege to be here, and I appreciate it every day.
– Celia Mondfrans

I have been fortunate to work at Cavignac & Associates for 15+ years and I am appreciative everyday for the opportunity. At Cavignac & Associates, we walk the walk, we don’t just talk the talk. We strive everyday to live by our Mission Statement, “Putting our Clients’ Interests Before our Own”. As an employee, I am important – I know that, because I am told so, and that is awesome, it makes coming to work a privilege.
-Susan McFarland 

Hands down, the best employer that I’ve ever had. C&A has found that fine line between the typical corporate culture and an employee-friendly work environment, which can be tough to accomplish in a small business.
– Michael Harvey