Surety Bonds

Cavignac & Associates is a specialist in developing surety bond programs. We help maximize the surety creditworthiness of our clients by thoroughly evaluating their bond program needs. Then we apply our extensive surety underwriting expertise and our solid relationships with key surety companies to obtain the right surety program at the right price. We facilitate all aspects of surety bonding and insurance including construction, subdivision, court/probate, fidelity and commercial surety. We provide:

  1. Surety Underwriting Expertise
  2. Financial Analysis and Solution Development
  3. Benchmarking and Organization Comparisons
  4. Operational Reviews
  5. Business and Succession Planning
  6. Year-end Strategic Meetings
  7. Coordination of Risk Control and Insurance Services
  8. Extensive Network of Professionals
  9. Leadership Industry Involvement
  10. Long-term Surety Relationships and Bond-Issuing Authority

Basics on Suretyship

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