About Us

Since 1992, Cavignac & Associates has been managing risk and negotiating insurance on our clients’ behalf. Our focus is to lower our clients’ “Total Cost of Risk” and drive more dollars to their bottom line. Our focus on risk management has enabled us to grow from a one-person start-up to a dynamic brokerage with more than 50┬ádedicated insurance professionals. We offer commercial lines with a concentration on professional liability, construction, real estate, manufacturing, nonprofits and other types of business as well as personal lines, specializing in understanding the needs of affluent individuals and families.


We believe there are five ways to manage risk:

  • finance (insurance)
  • prevention
  • mitigation
  • contractual transfer
  • assumption

The Insurance Team is responsible for financing, transferring and assuming risk while the Risk Control Team is responsible for preventing and mitigating risk. Our philosophy goes beyond just providing insurance; we believe the only way to truly save money on insurance is to lower the frequency and severity of claims that drive costs.

We always continue to seek ways to improve the services we deliver, our productivity, and our technical expertise. We are also dedicated to continuing improvement.

Our Culture

Cavignac & Associates’ culture can be defined in three words: collaborative, comprehensive and systematic.

We have a collaborative approach to risk management and a team-oriented culture. Teams work with each other to solve coverage issues, share market insights and discuss emerging risks.

We understand that the only way to design an effective Risk Management Program is to have a comprehensive risk analysis process that uncovers exposures to loss. Once all exposures are researched and analyzed, options can be presented on how to prevent, mitigate and finance those exposures appropriately.

Our approach is straightforward and systematic. Our process begins with an Exposure Analysis Review and our Preliminary Risk Control Survey. From there, we customize our insurance program and a schedule of Risk Control Services.