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Articles|August 06, 2020

Commercial Newsletters

By Cavignac

June 2020 Cybercrime in the COVID-19 World The COVID-19 world presents significant challenges for all businesses. large and small. Here are some general guidelines to keep in mind when planning your cyber security.
Apr. 2020 Employee Feedback: Why You Need It & How To Get It
Feb. 2020 Earthquake and Flood Coverage: What You Need to Know  As we all know, it is not a matter of if, but when, a significant earthquake will hit the state of California.
Dec. 2019 Liquor Liability: It's No Party for Social Hosts: See what your responsibilities are and how to protect your company.
Dec. 2019 Special Wildfire Newsletter Learn ways to protect yourself and your home.
Oct 2019 The Relevance of Insurance: What You Can Expect from the Insurance Marketplace in 2020  Insurance is complex. Most of our clients don't want to be experts, but they need to understand insurance well enough to be able to effectively manage it for their company.
Aug 2019 Claims Best Practices - What Not To Do!  Your personal feelings notwithstanding, there is a certain protocol you should follow to correctly respond to a claim.
June 2019 Do You Know D&O? Every company has exposures that can be covered by D&O insurance.
Apr. 2019 Employee Injury Reporting Best Practices The way a claim is handled or managed will materially affect the outcome of the claim as well as the cost.
Feb. 2019 Recruiting, Rewarding and Retaining Key Employees  For any business, employees are the single most valuable asset. Here are some suggestions for providing additional benefits.
Dec. 2018 The Secret to Lowering Your Experience Modification What is an Experience Modification? An Experience Mod compares the loss experience of a company against all the similar businesses in a given state. In addition to the impact that a Mod might have on cost, it can also preclude you from working on certain projects.
Oct. 2018 2019 Insurance Market Outlook: What Can You Expect? Our annual State of the Market newsletter will provide background on the economics of the insurance industry and will give some perspective on where insurance rates are going in 2019.
Aug. 2018 You're Selling Your Company - What Insurance Should You Require the Buyer to Carry? 
Jun. 2018 Auto Insurance Premiums Are Going Through the Roof! What Can You Do About It? What has caused this dramatic increase in loss ratios over the past eight years?
Apr. 2018 Cyber Insurance - What Does It Cover and Why Do You Need It? Data breaches occur every day, and not only to large companies. The good news is that insurance is available, coverage is fairly broad, and costs are reasonable.
Feb. 2018 How Good is Your Risk Control Program? The concept of insurance is unique. A business can pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a product is hopes to never use.
Dec. 2017 Duties in the Event of a Claim: The Insured's Responsibilities: If a claim or circumstance that could give rise to a claim is not reported in a timely manner to  your insurance company, they can deny the claim. Learn what your responsibilities are as an insured.
Oct. 2017 2018 Insurance Market Outlook: What Can You Expect? Read what is in store for 2018 regarding commercial insurance, surety bonding and health insurance.
Aug. 2017 Crime Coverage - Everyone is exposed and everyone wants  your stuff! Criminals are incredibly creative, are you protected?
June 2017 The Sharing Economy - What You Need to Know Before You Share Your House or Car - As sharing applications become more familiar to us, many property owners are considering renting out their homes or driving part-time for extra money. But what are the risks? Will your existing insurance cover you if someone gets injured in your home or car?
April 2017 No Remix! The Importance of Managing Risk Correctly...the First Time! Jeff Cavignac shares stories of his recent trip to Nicaragua and how that relates to risk management and getting it right the first time.
Feb 2017 The World is Rapidly Changing...Are You Prepared to Travel in It? While most people don’t equate planning their international vacation with risk, the fact is, the world is changing and travel - especially international travel - is becoming riskier. What are the risks and how do you mitigate or avoid them?
Dec 2016 Workers' Compensation - Executive Officers: Include or Exclude? This article answers some of the questions regarding whether or not to include or exclude officers from coverage and under which circumstances they should be covered.
Sept 2016 The 2017 Insurance Market Forecast: The Underwriter's Conundrum Read about our predictions for the upcoming year.
Aug 2016 Report Your Claims...PRONTO! There are several reasons why you should report a claim as soon as possible. Read more to find out. 
June 2016 Are You Friends with Your Colleagues? The Pitfalls of Accepting "Friend" Requests from Coworkers on Social Media. While there are many benefits to this heightened level of connectivity among peers, these forms of communications can have their pitfalls.
Apr 2016 Zip Code 89410...Where Do You Want To Live? We all have a lot to do, so how do we get better? The first way is to learn from your mistakes. The second way is to learn from others. The third is by reading. Here are some outstanding books on business and personal excellence.
Jan 2016 The Modern Day Con Man and the Social Engineering Play! Social engineering is different from other forms of cyber theft like funds transfer and computer fraud.
Dec 2015 Is a Captive Insurance Company For You? At our core as business owners, we are managing risk every day.
Oct 2015 State of the Insurance Industry...And What This Means To You  Learn how premiums are affected by the various insurance cycles and what you can do to control them.
Aug 2015 Drones! Are You Insured? While drones are currently legal if they are used personally, they are illegal, absent a waiver, for commercial use.
Jun 2015 2015 Wildfire Update Experts say the increase in the frequency and severity of wildfires results from two situations: changing housing growth patterns and changing climate
Apr 2015 How to Prepare Your Business for Disaster A disaster recovery plan is something every business needs, but something most businesses don't have. Why?
Feb 2015 The Secret to Lowering Your Insurance Costs! If you lower the cost of your losses, you will lower the cost of your insurance.
Dec 2014 Your Workers' Compensation Final Audit The workers' compensation audit process can be confusing, complex and, if done incorrectly, expensive.
Oct 2014 2015 Insurance Market Outlook: Putting It Into Perspective  For many companies, insurance is one of their largest costs. It is critical to understand not only how to manage these costs, but also how to forecast your costs as you look into your next fiscal  year.
Aug 2014 Fleet Safety: A Critical Element to Your Risk Management Program Why do you need a fleet safety strategy that goes beyond compliance?
Jun 2014 The Economics of Ergonomics The consequences of poor ergonomics in the workplace can be extremely costly. Find out some basic actions you can take to prevent injury and possible loss of work.
Apr 2014 Preventing Electronic Funds Transfer Fraud As an increasing range of financial transactions move to the virtual world of computers, a whole new set of liabilities arise. Find out about the available options that can help protect your business.
Feb 2014 Risk...Is Yours Being Managed? Cost of Risk is not a line item found on a company's income statement, yet this can be one of the largest and most volatile expenses that a company has.
Dec 2013 Contract Litigation Insurance The issue of attorneys' fees is high on the list of concerns for both the average litigant involved in a local business dispute as well as the sophisticated conglomerate involved in a "bet your company" matter.
Oct 2013 State of the Insurance Market...and What it Means to You!  The purpose of this month's article is to explain where the industry is in the insurance cycle and what you can expect to see in 2014.
Aug 2013 Health Reform: What You Can Do Now to Protect Your Business and Your Future  This month's newsletter provides some basic questions and answers that will help you understand current and upcoming changes, take advantage of new benefits and tax credits, and implement requirements established by the law.
June 2013 Return to Work Programs - Why You Need One As rates continue to rise, it will become increasingly important for employers to control costs associated with workplace injuries and illnesses.  One of the biggest, yet most controllable, costs associated with workplace injuries and illnesses is lost time from work due to disability. The most effective way to have a favorable impact on these costs is to implement a Return to Work (RTW) program.
Apr 2013 Disaster Recovery: Lessons Learned from Superstorm Sandy Although it was classified as a moderate Category 1 storm, Sandy will be remembered as one of the most devastating storms in history. While some businesses had plans in place to deal with a situation like this, most did not. So if a disaster strikes your company, how prepared are you?
The Parent Care Conversation - The conversations you should have with your parents...while you still can! Long term care for aging parents is a sensitive, often difficult, but ultimately inevitable issue for all of us. Read our February Commercial Insurance Update for some guidance with this sensitive subject.
Understanding Business Succession: Utilizing Life Insurance to Avoid the Dangers of an Installment Sale - Many business owners expect to sell their ownership interest during their lifetimes. In fact, some see selling their business interest as a practical way to fund their retirement needs. Read our November Commercial Insurance Update to learn more.
Oct  2012 The Economics of the Insurance Industry and Why It's Important to You! - The insurance business like most industries is cyclical. It is affected by the general business climate but ebbs and flows subject to unique factors. The simplest way to understand the industry is to look at the critical indicators that drive the industry's results. Read our October Commercial Insurance Update.

  • Live Well, Work Well
  • Community Bulletin Board
Aug 2012 Insurance Ramifications of Mergers & Acquisitions - A merger or acquisition involves the combination of one firm with another, or the purchase of one firm by another. Whether a firm is merging, acquiring, being acquired, or if there is a majority change in ownership, there are risk management and insurance ramifications that need to be considered. Read our August Commercial Insurance Update to make sure you fully understand the risk management 'deal breakers' that need to be identified before a deal is consumated.

  • Live Well, Work Well
  • Community Bulletin Board
Jun 2012  Foreign Insurance - Business is becoming increasingly global. It is not uncommon for even small businesses to have sales overseas. But if you do business in a foreign country, will your domestic insurance program protect you? Read on to learn more about how your domestic insurance policy will respond to foreign exposures, and how to ensure that you are appropriately covered!

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  • Community Bulletin Board
Apr 2012 How Smart Business Owners Protect Their Families and Companies - As a business owner, if your goal is to keep your company in your family when you retire or pass away, then it is critical to protect the entity, and to decide when and to whom to transfer it. Read our April Commercial Risk Management Newsletter to find out the best steps you can take to properly plan for succession.

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  • Community Bulletin Board
 Safety Pays: The Importance of a Safe Work Environment - Business owners and managers realize that the cost of a lost workday due to injury is substantial.  For every dollar you spend on the direct cost of a worker's injury or illness, you will spend at least that much, or more, to cover the indirect and hidden costs.  Read our commentary on the best ways to prevent and mitigate workers compensation costs.

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  • Community Bulletin Board
Dec 2011 An Employer's Nightmare: The Wage and Hour Issue - It will come as no surprise that the poor economy, which has resulted in massive layoffs and terminations, has caused employment-related claims and lawsuits in general to increase. Wage and hour litigation seems to be increasing the fastest; the Department of Labor estimates that wage and hour complaints increased 15% from 2009 to 2010.

  • Excerpts From the Industrial Welfare Commission
  • Live Well, Work Well
  • Community Bulletin Board
The Insurance Cycle: What to Expect in 2012 - The insurance industry marches to its own economic drum. Historically, it has fluctuated between what are called hard and soft markets. Interested to know what to expect for the coming year? Read Jeff Cavignac's annual update on the insurance industry in this month's Commercial Risk Management Newsletter to understand the current cycle, and where it is headed in the next year!

  • 2011 Risk Management Seminar Series
  • Live Well, Work Well - Health topics courtesy of Cavignac & Associates Employee Benefits Department.
  • Community Bulletin Board - Neighbors helping neighbors in San Diego.
Aug 2011 Fiduciary Responsibility- You have responsibilities as a Fiduciary for your company retirement plan... Are you complying?

  • 2011 Risk Management Seminars
  • Live Well, Work Well - Health topics courtesy of Cavignac & Associates Employee Benefits Department.
  • Community Bulletin Board - Neighbors helping neighbors in San Diego.
Jun 2011 Human Resources Hiring "Best Practices"- Hiring the right person for the job is one of the most important decisions a business owner makes. In this issue of the Commercial Risk Management Newsletter we suggest some "best practices" for hiring and outline a process that is designed to help you identify those candidates who are best suited for the job and your company.

  • 2011 Risk Management Seminars
  • Live Well, Work Well - Health topics courtesy of Cavignac & Associates Employee Benefits Department.
  • Community Bulletin Board - Neighbors helping neighbors in San Diego.
Apr 2011 Extraterritorial Workers Compensation- Or When Do You Need Foreign Workers Compensation Coverage

  • Wage and Hour Compliance - 2011 Risk Management Seminars
  • Live Well, Work Well - Health topics courtesy of Cavignac & Associates Employee Benefits Department.
  • Community Bulletin Board - Neighbors helping neighbors in San Diego. 
Feb 2011 New ACORD 25 Certificate of Liability- We provide the answers to some common questions on the recent changes to the new ACORD 25 form.

  • 99 Strategies for Preventing Sexual Harassment Claims - HRThatWorks provides strategies for avoiding employee lawsuits
  • 2011 Risk Management Seminar Series - A list of our upcoming Risk Management and Loss Control Seminars through March 2011.
Dec 2010 Cyber Liability

  • Managing a Security Breach
  • 2010 Risk Management Seminars
  • Privacy Quick Quote Application
  • Live Well, Work Well - Health topics courtesy of Cavignac & Associates Employee Benefits Department.
  • Community Bulletin Board - Neighbors helping neighbors in San Diego.
Oct 2010 The 2011 Insurance Market – What It Means to You- We provide facts and projections to consider as you begin the budgeting process for 2011.

  • 2010-11 Risk Management Seminar Series - A list of our upcoming Risk Management and Loss Control Seminars through January 2011.
  • IIABA "Best Practices" Agency Award - Once again, Cavignac & Associates receives the three-year Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America's "Best Practices" Agency Award.
  • Live Well, Work Well - Health topics courtesy of Cavignac & Associates Employee Benefits Department
  • Community Bulletin Board - Neighbors helping neighbors in San Diego
Aug 2010 Life Insurance 101- Answers to basic questions about America's most underused risk management tool.

  • Evaluate Your Family's Life Insurance Needs - Easy to use Questionnaire, sample Life Analysis Worksheet, and additional facts about permanent life insurance.
  • 2010 Risk Management Seminar Series - A list of our upcoming Risk Management and Loss Control seminars through October 2010.
  • Live Well, Work Well - Health topics courtesy of Cavignac & Associates Employee Benefits Department.
  • Community Bulletin Board - Neighbors helping neighbors in San Diego.
Jun 2010 Workers Compensation Injuries: Employers' Best Practices- Action steps to substantially improve your company's risk profile – and drive dollars to your bottom line.

  • 2010 Risk Management Seminars - A list of our upcoming Risk Management and Loss Control Seminars through September 2010
  • Live Well, Work Well - Health topics courtesy of Cavignac & Associates Employee Benefits Department
  • Community Bulletin Board - Neighbors helping neighbors in San Diego
Apr 2010 Social Media and Its Risk Implications- Social media (FaceBook, MySpace, YouTube, Yelp, Twitter, etc.) has tens of millions of users – including employees that may work for you. This article addresses the problems and concerns that employers face, and offers action steps to minimize your risks.

  • 2010 Risk Management Seminar Series - A list of our upcoming Risk Management and Loss Control Seminars through August, 2010
  • Live Well, Work Well - Health topics courtesy of Cavignac & Associates Employee Benefits Department
  • Community Bulletin Board - Neighbors helping neighbors in San Diego
Feb 2010 Workplace Investigations- Sooner or later, your company will face the need to investigate an employee. Find out how to conduct such an investigation quickly, thoroughly, and objectively

  • 2010 Risk Management Seminar Series - A list of our upcoming Risk Management and Loss Control seminars through April 2010
  • Live Well, Work Well - Health topics courtesy of Cavignac & Associates Employee Benefits Department
  • Community Bulletin Board - Neighbors helping neighbors in San Diego
Dec 2009 Management Liability aka "Executive Risk"- Running a business involves its share of risk. See what protection is available and make a conscious decision regarding coverage – don't be caught unaware in the event of a loss.

  • 2010 Risk Management Seminar Series - Cavignac announces its new seminar series for 2010.
  • Cal OSHA Report - See the Top 10 most frequent safety violations for 2009.
  • 2010 Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) - 2010 COLAs for Qualified Plan Limitations, Social Security and SSI.
  • Community Bulletin Board - Neighbors helping neighbors in San Diego.
Oct 2009 State of the 2010 Insurance Market- Based on past history and current critical indicators, we can help you budget insurance costs for 2010.

  • What You Can Do about 2009 H1N1 (Swine) Flu - Read what you can do to inhibit the spread of this new flu strain.
  • Risk Management Seminars – 2009 Series - Upcoming seminar from our Human Resources Department.
  • Live Well, Work Well - Helpful health and Employee Benefits articles.
  • Community Bulletin Board - News and upcoming events from local community service organizations.
Aug 2009 Managing Your Corporate Auto Exposure- Whether your company owns 100 vehicles or none at all, you have a major exposure to loss arising out of autos used in your business. Effectively managing your automobile exposure can lower your company's Total Cost of Risk and drive dollars to your bottom line.

  • Getting Paid – How to Make Collections Part of Daily Life - Sales without collections are worthless. Read surefire ways to get paid for what you've done.
  • The Office – A Dangerous Work Environment - Few people recognize the potential risks found in everyday office environments.
  • Risk Management Seminars – 2009 Series - Upcoming seminars from Human Resources, Risk Control, and Risk Management experts.
  • Live Well, Work Well - Helpful health and Employee Benefits articles.
  • Community Bulletin Board - Neighbors helping neighbors in San Diego.
Jun 2009 Communication or Lack Thereof- Bad contracts and misunderstandings cause confusion, and confusion costs companies money. Read how an effective Communications Protocol can help reduce your company's cost of risk and drive dollars to your bottom line.

  • Risk Management Seminars – 2009 Series - Upcoming seminars from Human Resource, Risk Control, and Risk Management experts.
  • Live Well, Work Well - Helpful health and Employee Benefits articles.
  • Community Bulletin Board - News and upcoming events from local community service organizations.
Apr 2009 Getting Paid… in a Slow Economy- Careful client selection is a cornerstone of risk management. Find out how to increase your chances of getting paid in bad economic times.

  • Risk Management Seminars – 2009 SeriesUpcoming seminars from Risk Management, Risk Control, and Human Resources experts.
  • Avoid Work Station Problems - Tips to stay healthy and comfortable at your computer.
  • Live Well, Work Well - Helpful Health and Employee Benefits tips and articles.
  • HR Tidbits - Handy I-9 information links as well as COBRA and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA)
  • Community Bulletin Board - Neighbors helping neighbors in San Diego.
Feb 2009 The 'Obligation to Defend' Your Client – and Why You Should Avoid It at All Costs! (pgs 1-3)- Insurance companies never intend to provide coverage when their insureds do nothing wrong. A recently decided California Supreme Court case demonstrates the dangers of a poorly worded indemnity agreement. Don't be caught uninsured!

  • COBRA Alert! (pg 5) - The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), effectively "restarted" the clock for former employees and their dependents who became COBRA eligible but did not elect coverage when it was made available to them. Find out more from our HRthatWorks Webinar on Friday, March 6, 2009.
  • 2009 Risk Management Seminar Series (pg 2)
  • Live Well, Work Well (pgs 4-5) - "Ignorance is Toxic," "Energy Drinks: Help or Harm?" and "Need Chocolate?" provided by our Employee Benefits Department.
  • Community Bulletin Board (pg 6) - Neighbors helping neighbors in San Diego
Dec 2008 Protecting Against Environmental Liability- Potential environmental liability concerns can be 'deal breakers' for business and property owners.Risk Management Seminars - 2009 Series

  • HR Tidbits - the I-9 Form - Make sure you use the most current edition of this form!
  • Beating 'Blackberry Thumb' or Texting Trauma - Stretching can help relieve discomfort and fatigue when using a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) device.
  • IRS Indexed Limits for 2009 - What you should know!
  • Community Bulletin Board - News from the Downtown YMCA and Senior Community Centers
Oct 2008 State of the Commercial Insurance Market - Report for 2009 Employee Benefits Market for 2009- Insurance is often a major budget item - plan your 2009 budget now.

  • IRS Indexed Limits for 2009 - Information you should know about 2009 indexed dollar limits applicable to qualified retirement plans.
  • HR Tidbits... I-9 Forms - You should be using the most current edition - see guidelines for usage.
  • The AIG Report - Information about the state of AIG's insurance operations.
  • 2008 Risk Management Seminars - Updated list of seminars for 2008.
  • Orchids & Onions - Coming November 13th!
  • Community Bulletin Board - Don't miss out! Upcoming events and opportunities to help the Downtown YMCA and Senior Community Centers.
Aug 2008 Fiduciary Liability - Do You Need It?- See why fiduciary liability is an exposure you need to evaluate.

  • 2008 FOCUS Seminars - Updated list of training seminars as of August 2008
  • Live Well, Work Well - Backyard safety, saving for medical expenses in retirement, and more.
  • Community Bulletin Board - Monarch School, Senior Centers of San Diego, San Diego Humane Society, Girls & Boys Clubs of Carlsbad, and San Diego Master Chorale events.
Jun 2008 Personal Insurance - Is Yours Adequate?- Over half the homes in our country are underinsured by 20% or more, and many people also carry inadequate personal liability limits. When was the last time you reviewed your personal insurance program?

  • Personal Insurance Checklist - If you do nothing else, use the checklist on page 4 to review your coverages.
  • 2008 FOCUS Seminars - Updated list of training seminars as of June 2008
  • Hands-Free Cell Phone Law Takes Effect July 1st! - Don't Forget! See our the link to the California Cell Phone Law DMV FAQs page
  • Community Bulletin Board - Monarch Schools Student Story; Senior Community Centers, and San Diego Humane Society's Summer Events
Apr 2008 Business Continuation Planning- Have you taken the necessary steps to make sure your business can survive the loss of an owner or key employee?

  • 2008 FOCUS Seminars - Updated list of training seminars as of April 2008
  • Community Bulletin Board - San Diego Humane Society Walk for Animals, Senior Community Centers Heroes Luncheon, and Monarch Class of 2008 Commencement Ceremony
Feb 2008 Crisis Management - Is Your Firm Prepared?- Your company's chances of managing a crisis increase significantly with the amount of preparation, planning and training done before a crisis strikes. Find out how!

  • 2008 FOCUS Seminars - Update list of training seminars through March 2008.
  • Heart Disease - Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Take our Heart Disease Risk Quiz to see where you stand.
  • Community Bulletin Board - Upcoming events from the Senior Centers of San Diego, Monarch School, 2008 LAF-Off, Canstruction San Diego 2008, and more!
Dec 2007 Waivers of Subrogation- Learn what they are, how they work, and what you need to know about them.2008 FOCUS SeminarsUpdated list of training seminars through January 2008.

  • HR - Mandatory Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Notice to Employees - In 2008 all employers are required to notify their employees of the EITC with, or within one week before or after, Form W-2 or Form 1099 are provided.
  • Five 2008 New Year Resolutions for Human Resource Managers - Get your new year off to a great start with links to documents and classes you'll need in 2008.
  • Healthy Portion Sizes - Learn how to adjust portion sizes to avoid overeating.
  • Community Bulletin Board - See what's happening at Monarch School, the San Diego Humane Society, and the San Diego Senior Centers.
Oct 2007 Commercial Insurance Marketplace - What to Expect in 2008- Whether the market is hard or soft, firms with favorable loss experience can expect the most competitive rates and best coverage terms.

  • Workers Compensation Market Report - Outlook for 2008 - Even though rates have dropped dramatically, now is the time to beef up your risk control efforts.
  • Employee Benefits - Outlook for 2008 - It is certain that rates will rise. The question is: How much?
  • 2007 FOCUS Seminars - Updated list of training seminars through December 2007.
  • San Diego Master Chorale - Cavignac's Sue Marberry joins the "Voice of San Diego."
  • Senior Community Centers - Transitional Housing Program provides a helping hand for seniors.
  • Orchids & Onions - Coming in November 2007 from the San Diego Architectural Foundation!
  • 2008 "Diamond in the Rough" Gala - Monarch School's 2008 benefit concert features singer Natalie Cole!
  • San Diego Humane Society - A wide variety of classes benefits owners and their pets.
Aug 2007 Managing Real Property Exposures- Background and overview of the risk management issues involved in the real estate lease exposure.

  • 2007 FOCUS Seminars - Updated list of training seminars through September, 2007.
  • Retirement - Will You Be Prepared? - An average American spends 18 years in retirement - will you be ready?
  • Workers Compensation Bulletin: Why Is My Experience Modification Factor Going Up? - Although experience modification factors are rising, major workers compensation reforms have actually decreased net rates.
  • Community Bulletin Board - Provides information about Senior Community Centers and Monarch School, as well as upcoming events.
Jun 2007 You're at the Rental Car Counter - What Coverage Do You Need?- Understanding how your personal or business insurance works is the key to making an informed decision.

  • 2007 FOCUS Seminars - Updated list of training seminars through September, 2007.
  • B.E.E.P. Is Back! - The San Diego Architectural Foundation's "Built Environment Education Program" returns to San Diego schools.
  • Safety and Baseball - Workplace safety is like baseball - to win, you need to make it home safely every day.
  • Live Well, Work Well - Feel better and think more clearly with regular exercise and healthy eating.
  • The New Food Pyramid - How to choose foods and amounts that are right for you.
Apr 2007 Business Interruption Insurance- After a loss, business interruption coverage can make the difference between getting back in business - or folding your tent!

  • 2007 FOCUS Seminars - Updated list of training seminars through May, 2007
  • Eat Well, Live Well - Tips for healthy eating - and how to change bad eating habits.
Feb 2007 Cost of Risk: Who's Managing Yours?- Regardless of how big your company is, formalizing the risk management function will lower your cost of risk and drive dollars to your bottom line.

  • BOMA Urgent Action Alert! Back-Flow Preventer Thefts - Back-flow preventer thefts are costing businesses thousands! Find out how to protect against thieves.
  • 2007 FOCUS Seminars - Updated list shows seminars through May, 2007
Dec 2006 Timely Reporting of Claims and Claim Circumstances- Failure to report claims in a timely manner can jeopardize your coverage.

  • 2007 FOCUS Seminars - Updated list shows training seminars through March 2007.
Oct 2006 Commercial Insurance Outlook for 2007- For many businesses, insurance is a major expense. Plan your 2007 budget now.

  • Workers Compensation Outlook for 2007 - Provides an in-depth look at the current workers compensation market to help you plan your 2007 budget.
  • Upcoming Training Classes and Seminars
  • "Near Miss" - An Accident That Almost Happened - Treating "near misses" as you would an accident can help you avoid accidents and claims, and thereby lower your workers compensation costs.
Aug 2006 Disaster Recovery - A 10-Step Checklist for Disaster Preparedness- A well thought out Disaster Recovery Program will go a long way toward reducing the potential impact of a catastrophic event.

  • 2006 Training Classes
  • Determining the Validity of an Internet Site - Read tips to determine if an Internet site is a valid place to obtain health care information.
  • Workers Compensation: Reduce Injuries and Claims with a Successful Safety Incentive Program (SSIP) - See why a safer company tends to have better morale and productivity.
  • Avoid Discrimination Lawsuits - Protect your business from employee-related lawsuits.
  • Summer Grilling Safety - Don't let your barbeque go up in smoke!
Jun 2006 Contract Review - A Critical Element of Your Risk Management Program- The time taken at the start to quantify risk and negotiate a contract can yield substantial returns in the event of a problem.

  • Five Ways to Prepare for the Unthinkable - Read about the five major issues to consider to protect your family when you are gone.
  • 2006 Training Classes
  • Beat the Heat! Tips for Staying Cool When the Weather Heats Up - Heat can be a threat to health - see how to prevent summer heat from getting the best of you.
  • Wear Sun Protection! - Too much sun exposure can damage your skin and eyes.
Apr 2006 Telecommuting: Home Sweet Home Office?- Although staff members can live and work from virtually anywhere there is a high-speed Internet connection, take a look at the liability issues.

  • Industrial Ergonomics - Ergonomic problems at work (and at home) can usually be solved by simple, common sense solutions.
  • 2006 Training Classes - Our updated list includes new classes available through July 20th.
  • The Accident Report - A bit of humor to brighten your day!
Feb 2006 Coverages to Consider - What You Don't Insure Can Hurt You- Although we don't recommend that you purchase insurance for all, or even most, of the hundreds of exposures to risk, you should be aware of the risks that exist for your firm and what it would cost to insure them.

  • Additional Exposures You May Want to Consider - A list of exposures you might not have considered in regards to your business.
  • Things to Do for a Safer Workplace - A checklist of items that will help ensure a safer workplace.
  • 2006 Seminars - A list of Cavignac seminars to be held in our Downtown Training Room through the month of March, 2006.
  • MyWave - Intoducing a Value-Added Service available to our Employee Benefits clients!
Dec 2005 What You Need to Know About Crime Insurance- Crime coverage lends itself to being managed - find out how.

  • Managing the Employee Dishonesty Exposure - Use our Employee Dishonesty Checklist to determine what you're doing right - and which procedures can be implemented or improved.
  • Drive Safely in Traffic - These driving tips apply not only during the holidays, but also throughout the year.
  • Enjoy the Holidays! - Tips to lower stress and increase your enjoyment.
  • Generic Medications Keep You and Your Wallet Healthy - Find out why generic medications offer the same benefits as brand names, but at far less cost.
  • 2006 Training Seminars - Plan ahead for classes in the Cavignac Training Room during the first quarter of 2006.
Oct 2005 Commercial Insurance Outlook for 2006: What Can You Expect? - For many businesses, insurance is a major expense. Plan your 2006 budget now.

  • Upcoming Seminars - 2005 Training Seminars available in our downtown Training Room.
  • Collectively Bargained Workers Compensation (CBWC): Lowering Your Total Cost of Risk - Read how CBWC can signifcantly reduce the Total Cost of Risk for union employers.
  • Spotting Workers Compensation Fraud: Red Flags - Workers compensation is one of the most expensive coverages a businessowner must carry. Read these tips to prevent fraudulent claims.
  • Cavignac Staff Reaches Out to Katrina Victims - Cavignac & Associates raised over $7,400 for hurricane relief efforts in the Gulf Coast states.
  • Health Tips from Our Employee Benefits Department - Read how to burn 150 calories a day to significantly reduce the threat of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, colon cancer, anxiety and depression.
Aug 2005 Soften the Blow of Rising Health Care Costs- Choose the employee health plan that's best for your business!

  • Welcome News for Section 125 Plans: Grace Periods Allowed! - Although the "use it or lose it" rule still applies, the new grace period makes this option much more attractive.
  • Comparison of Tax-Advantaged Health Care Options - A side-by-side comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the four most popular health care options.
  • 2005 Changes in Qualified Retirement Plans - See how various dollar limits can change on occasion.
  • FAQs about AB 2208 - Same Sex, Registered Domestic Partners - Answers to common questions concerning AB 2208.
Jun 2005 Inland Marine Insurance- Read why you need an experienced Inland Marine insurance broker to identify your exposures and tailor appropriate coverage.

  • Reduce Your Total Cost of Risk - Read how you can significantly reduce your Total Cost of Risk and improve your bottom line by implementing an effective Risk Reduction Plan for your firm.
  • 2005 Training Sessions - Cavignac & Associates offers training programs monthly in our Training Room. See the current schedule.
  • Loss Control Services - Cavignac & Associates offers a variety of loss control services to our clients, including employee safety, workers compensation and human resources.
Apr 2005 Understanding Your Experience Modification: What You Need to Know- Find out what a workers compensation experience modification is, and how it affects your business.

  • Top 10 Things You Can Do to Lower Your Experience Modification - Find out what you can do to lower your ex mod.
  • Cavignac Training Sessions for 2005 - Peruse the training sessions now available to our clients in the Cavignac Training Room.
  • HIPAA Basics - Your Right to Privacy - Read a summary of HIPAA Privacy Rules.
Feb 2005 Is Your Property Adequately Insured?- See why spending the time to make sure your property is adequately insured is worth the effort, and how to go about it.

  • Medical Provider Networks (MPNs) - What Are They? - MPNs are health care provider entities or groups whose goal is to provide injured workers with quality medical care. See how MPNs can benefit your business.
Dec 2004 Safety Programs: Safety Is YOUR Responsibility!- Accidents cost money. Read how to develop a Safety and Health Program for your firm that can reduce your claims and ultimately lower your insurance premiums.

  • When an Accident Happens, Take Action - But What? - Firms that dedicate the time and effort to develop successful accident investigation processes and then follow the safety plans and procedures derived from them can make significant improvements to their bottom lines.
  • 'Twas the Night Before Christmas (Insurance Underwriters' Version) - Do insurance underwriters ever take a holiday from thinking in terms of risks, hazards and loss control? See what you think!
Oct 2004 Commercial Insurance Outlook for 2005- Budget planning assistance based on educated assumptions about the state of the insurance market in 2005.

  • California's Workers Compensation Outlook for 2005 - Provides an in-depth look at the current workers compensation market to help you plan your 2005 budget.
Aug 2004 Mergers & Acquisitions: Insurance Implications- A thorough analysis of a company's risk management and insurance programs is critical to a successful merger or acquisition.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions - Risk Management Questionnaire - Gather the information necessary to conduct a risk management and insurance program analysis.
  • Liability Limits: How Much Should I Carry? - Four factors to consider when evaluating your limits of liability.
Jun 2004 International Insurance: Do You Need It? - As more and more companies do business in foreign countries, use foreign suppliers and/or service providers, international insurance coverage has become a "must." See if you should have it!
Apr 2004 Your Workers Compensation Final Audit- The audit process is set up so that errors benefit the insurance company. Find out how to make sure the audit process benefits your firm!

  • Premium for Uninsured Subcontractors - Find out why you need to make sure your subcontractors furnish proof of their own workers compensation insurance coverage!
Feb 2004 Employers Liability: What Does It Cover?- It's important to know the coverage provided by the "Employers Liability" section of your workers compensation policy.

  • Explanation of 2004 Workers Compensation Insurance Assessments - See how workers compensation insurance assesments have changed for 2004.
Dec 2003 Workers Compensation Insurance: Extraterritorial Exposures- Workers compensation law differs from state to state. Do you have a workers compensation exposure in another state?

  • Cybersecurity a Challenge - What can you do to protect your business?
  • Senior Community Center of San Diego - Here's an excellent way to give back to our community this Holiday Season.
Oct 2003 Insurance Outlook 2004 - What to Expect- Provides premium estimates for 2004 based on educated assumptions to help you plan your budget.

  • California's Workers Compensation Market - What's Going On?_Provides an in-depth look at the current Workers Compensation market to help you plan your 2004 budget.
Aug 2003 Protecting Your Electronic Assets- What would you do if your entire computer system had crashed or been destroyed?

  • Off-Site Backups - What if you can't get to backups you store on your premises?
  • Patrick Casinelli Wins 2nd Place in World Bodysurfing Championships - Patrick Casinelli, head of our Employee Benefits Department, competed in the 2003 World Bodysurfing Championships.
Jun 2003 Mold Is a Four Letter Word- "Toxic Mold" - the "next asbestos" - is a major concern for everyone associated with the building industry and buildings in general.

  • Reduce Your Total Cost of Risk: Strategies for Winning - Significantly reduce your "Total Cost of Risk" by implementing an effective Risk Reduction Plan (RRP).
  • Cavignac Staff Shines This Summer! - Community events our staff will be involved in this summer.
Apr 2003 Employee Benefits: Defined Contribution Plans (HRAs) vs. Section 125 Cafeteria Plans- See what type of plan best fits your firm's needs.

  • Property/Casualty Insurance Industry Earned 1% in 2002 - The industry is improving, but it's still not healthy.
Feb 2003 Mediation and Why You Need to Know About It- A great majority of civil suits are settled before trial. Learn how to work toward a conciliatory (win/win) settlement of disputes that may keep your client relationship in good standing and negate the necessity for more legal action.

  • Don't Fear Mediation - Read a case history showing how mediation actually works.
  • The Underwriting Ramifications of Your Web Site - Be careful what you put on your Web site! It can affect how an underwriter perceives your company.
  • Employee Benefits - Employee benefits play an important role in employee compensation and employment packages that attract and help retain qualified staff. Find out how we can help!
Dec 2002 Negotiating- Manage risk and cut losses through the art of negotiation.

  • Hope and Fear: Two Powerful Motivators - Make sure you provide your clients with recommendations for solving their problems and stress your role as their advocate.
  • Conventional Wisdom Turned Updside Down - Examine the myths of negotiation.
  • Cavignac & Associates' Charitable Giving Program - Employee contributions benefit the Polinsky Children's Center and Monarch School.
Oct 2002 Insurance Requirements in a Hard Insurance Market- Subcontractors are increasingly unable to provide the preferred additional insured endorsement required by their clients. What can be done?

  • Cavignac & Associates Opens Employee Benefits Department - Your employee benefits needs are now available from Cavignac & Associates!
  • Workers Compensation: Steps to Take in the Event of a Claim - The 48 hours immediately following an employee injury are critical.
  • Workers Compensation: Providing an Effective Return to Work Program - The only way to control workers compensation premiums is to control claims. Explore the "Return to Work Program" claims control technique.
  • Early Return to Work Guidelines - View an Early Return to Work Guidelines sample.
Aug 2002 Reservation of Rights Letters- A reservation of rights provides an insurance company the flexibility to satisfy its duty to defend without committing to coverage. It requires careful monitoring and attention from the insured business owner.

  • Record Retention - A well-crafted and implemented record-keeping plan is an important part of your firm's overall risk management program.
  • Workers Compensation Benefits Increase in 2003 - How will the legislative increases affect the cost of your workers compensation insurance?
Jun 2002 California's Workers Compensation Market: Is It Getting Any Better? See what to expect at your next workers compensation insurance renewal.

  • 5 Ways to Control Your Workers Compensation Costs - Suggestions for controlling your workers compensation insurance.
  • TWIN Award Winner: Sue Marberry - Our Office Manager, Sue Marberry, receives a Tribute to Women in Industry (TWIN) Award.
Apr 2002 The State of the Insurance Market Today - What to Expect at Your Next Renewal-You've heard about the drastic insurance price increases taking place. Why has this happened, how long will it last, and what can you do about it?

  • Directors and Officers Liability Insurance - Do You Need It? - D&O insurance protects directors and officers of a company from allegations of negligence in their duties as directors or officers. Do you need this coverage?
  • Charitable Opportunities - Senior Community Center Breaks Ground for Market Square Manor - Market Square Manor will provide 200 handicap-accessible units for low-income seniors who can now look forward to living with dignity in a safe environment.
Feb 2002 Controlling Employment Practices Liability Claims- Recommendations to help your organization reduce its exposure to employment practices liability claims.

  • On the Web... - Protect your company - web sites to help you keep up with Internet law issues.
Dec 2001 Workers Compensation Insurance - A Primer- As an employer, it is imperative that you understand how the workers compensation system works, the benefits it provides, and you rights as an employer.

  • Our Privacy Policy - We value you as a client and take your company's privacy seriously. We offer our written privacy policy for your information.
  • Our Commitment to San Diego's Non-Profit Organizations - We strive to be an effective corporate citizen, contributing our time and money to local non-profit and civic organizations we believe in. Here is a brief recap of our charitable endeavors in 2001.
Oct 2001 Managing the Employee Dishonesty Exposure- Employees stealing their employers' assets happens more often than you'd think, and the perpetrator is generally a long-term, trusted employee. Learn how to reduce your exposures to loss.

  • Employee Dishonesty Internal Controls Questionnaire - Reduce your exposures to employee dishonesty claims by completing this questionnaire
  • Six Thieves - Non-Profit Employee Dishonesty - Six real-life claims illustrate the need for employee dishonesty protection.
  • Winter in Southern California - Tips to prevent damage to structures and property as well as business down time caused by winter weather.
Aug 2001 I've Been Sued!- What should you do? What happens next?

  • "Legaleze" in Claims Handling - Brief definition of terms used in the legal process.
Jun 2001 The Trouble with E-Mail- One minute it's your friend; the next minute, it's telling everyone your deepest secrets. You just can't trust it!

  • E-Mail Essentials - A checklist for you to use.
  • Tough Times for Some Insurance Companies - Pay careful attention to your insurance companies' financial stability.
  • Under Construction: E-Newsletters - All-new electronic newsletters are on the way later this year.
Feb 2001 California's Workers Compensation System: On the Verge of Collapse? - The California workers compensation insurance market is in trouble. Find out why, and how this will affect your premium costs.
Dec 2000 Internet Liability Insurance: Do You Need It?- Companies that disseminate information to the public, whether through an Internet web sites, desktop publishing, or e-mail, now face all of the exposures that traditional publishers face. Find out more about these exposures as well as available Internet liability coverage.

  • Tough Times for Some Insurance Companies - Downgraded ratings, Insurance Department takeovers, and even liquidation plague several major insurance companies in the wake of the prolonged "soft market." It's wise to pay attention to the financial stability of your insurance companies.
  • Charitable Opportunities - Senior Community Centers and Polinsky Children's Center share the Cavignac & Associates' spotlight during the Holiday Season.
Aug 2000 State of the Current Insurance Marketplace - The downward premium spiral is at an end. Jeffrey Cavignac analyzes the current marketplace as insurance companies face downgrades, failures, and consolidation following twelve years which have benefited consumers with lower premiums.
Jun 2000 Auto Coverage in Mexico - Addressing the perennial problem- The Republic of Mexico considers any auto accident a criminal offense as well as a civil matter. Even though you carry U.S. insurance, Mexican authorities may not choose to recognize it. Don't become another sad example!

  • Driving in Mexico - Safety tips for the roads in our neighbor to the south
  • Violence in the Workplace - With workplace violence becoming a reality for all types of businesses, a new product is now available for this distressing risk.
  • Downtown Senior Center - "Serving Seniors" - Seniors have served us; now it's our turn to help them... "Serving Seniors" benefits not only the seniors!
Apr 2000 Improving Employee Relations- Why employees and employers often perceive workers compensation to be adversarial

  • Basic Workers Compensation Summary - Sample summary answers basic questions about workers compensation
  • Charitable Opportunities - Cavignac & Associates honors our "Star Award Volunteer of the Year" from San Diego Junior Theatre
  • Insurance Fraud Causes Premium Increases - Only tax evasion surpasses insurance fraud as the most costly white-collar crime in the U.S. - and innocent consumers pay the price
Feb 2000 Coverage Simplified: Commercial General Liability Insurance- It's a good idea to have a basic understanding of how your coverage works

  • Commercial Insurance Pricing Trends - It appears as though the "soft market" cycle may have ended
  • Other Commercial Liability Coverages to Consider - A partial list of insurance coverages you may need but not have
  • Winter Weather Loss Prevention - Damage to structures and property could be prevented through routine inspection and maintenance procedures
  • You've Got Mail - E-mail can open your business to liability
Dec 1999 D & O Insurance- Do directors and officers of privately owned companies need coverage?

  • Online Criminals Threaten Businesses - In 1998, more than 50% of all businesses suffered losses which totaled more than $200 billion
  • Facts About Insurance Fraud - Insurance fraud is the second largest economic crime in the United States, second only to tax evasion
Oct 1999 Environmental Coverage for Non-Environmental Business- Many insureds have significant uninsured exposures; anyone who has even a remote exposure should at least consider this coverage

  • California's Workers Compensation Insurance Industry in Turmoil - Industry experts predict workers compensation premium increase for the coming year
Aug 1999 Certificates of Insurance- The pros and cons of using certificates of insurance

  • Insurance Definitions - A quick primer on the meaning of insurance terminology
Jun 1999 Workers Compensation: State of the Market-A brief history of workers compensation and the outlook for the future

  • Workers Compensation Definitions - Definitions of common workers compensation insurance terms
  • Loss Prevention and High Wire Walking - Successful business enterprise will benefit from loss prevention
Apr 1999 Executive Liability- Unique loss exposures faced by corporate executives

  • Making Sense of Insurance Terms - Insurance terminology definitions by the California Department of Insurance
Feb 1999 Crisis!-How would your company handle a major crisis? Are you prepared?

  • NICB: Taking a Bite Out of Insurance Crimes - Here are a few of the National Insurance Crime Bureau's top cases in California
Dec 1998 Year 2000 Information and Readiness Disclosure Act - Determine how you can best take advantage of the new law's provisions to minimize your potential liabilities
Oct 1998 Employee Dishonesty - Could It Happen to You? - Most employee theft losses are caused by long-term, well-thought-of employees
Aug 1998 Life Insurance- How much do you need, and what kind? A quick and simple survey to help determine your needs

  • Filing a Claim: Some Helpful Do's and Don'ts - Knowing what to do when you have a claim can help you get the best value for your insurance dollar
  • Have You Displayed Employee Posters? - It's important to display required employer posters demonstrating that the employee was advised of his or her rights in case of an employment lawsuit
May 1998 Laptop Computer Security - How good is your security program? Suggestions to help protect your laptop and the information stored in it
Mar 1998 "All Risk" Property Coverage: There's No Such Thing! - The misnomer "all risk" has been changed to "special perils" to avoid misunderstandings



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